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About Housing for Employees

Tailor-made housing modules

Our units are put together depending on functional needs including laundry rooms and social zones according to specification. In collaboration with our architect, we tailor-make a residential solution for your workplace.

Our ambition is to be the best in class related to HSE, design and well-being among the employees. We want to give your employees a home no. 2. Our experience is that with increased well-being, the motivation to work also increases. All modules includes their own kitchen and bathroom. This increase the comfort, and in addition it reduces the risk of spreading infections among the employees.

Maximum focus on well-being, comfort and smart solutions.
• A room that is more like a home
• Solutions that are area effectively adapted to their employees
• Increases well-being due to more privacy
• Increases safety due to the employees’ well-being and better opportunities for rest

The units are put together according to different functional needs including laundry rooms and social zones according to your requirements.

Our housings come with a 5-yearwarranty. They are built in an environmentally friendly choice of materials and a maintenance-free facade.

Standard dimensions and modular units with a wide range of applications.
• Housing units
• Project office
• Dining units
• Activity room for your employees
• Adaptation to their needs

What sets us apart from our competitors is our long experience with design and interiors, where the focus on well-being and comfort is paramount. At the same time, we deliver safe and very practical solutions.

If we take a look on a timeline over our life, much of our time is dedicated to work, and that time should be enjoyed. We wanted to create a workplace, where the joy of working was in focus. as simple as smiling at work gives positive energy and creates creative thoughts. We love what we do, which is why it is important for us to create good results!

Housing for Employees

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